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1nspiring your Business and focus webinar mind map

Project Description

Connection of Minds partnered with Bart Jenezon (CEO of 1nspiring Company) + Efactor, to bring a unique talk show styled webinar about business focus and business development. 1nspiring Company offers a unique roadmap and methods for conducting business through the use of a mathematical mnemonic device and mind map created by Bart Jenezon. The model is designed to take your business idea or business plan and create a road map for all the lucrative business opportunities available based on your input.

Speakers at Webinar 1nspiring your Business and focus

Featuring Guest entrepreneur Guy Eldar, co-founder and CEO of AppMyDay.

Special Guest Vicky Fasten of Investormatch for a live Q&A session about maximizing business opportunity, and will provide feedback to our live case studies.

Visit the landing page of the webinar

Mind mapping

Creative mind mapping was inspired by… 1nspiring Company and the invention of the mind map was inspired by Fred Kofman’s book Conscious Business: How to Build Value Through Values, Simon Sinek’s book The Golden Circles About the How, Why & What, Steve Blank’s book Lean Startup (Build – Measure – Learn) and Edward de Bono’s book Masterthinking. Connection of Minds visualizes the webinar for audience to better follow the webinar and also to have a a compact overview of the contents afterwards.

Live Broadcast Mapping

Please view the mind map below. Use the full screen mode to better view te map, or download via slideshare.


Please have a look at the Livebroadcast Mapping below:

Create your own mind maps at MindMeister

Project Details

  • Client 1Spiring & Efactor
  • Date 23 september 2014
  • Tags International, LiveMapping Broadcast
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