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Summit on Metropolitan Acriculture

Project Description


On September 29th and 30rd 2010 a two day international summit was held on Metropolitan Agriculture at the Van Nelle Fabriek in Rotterdam. The summit was hosted by Reos Partners and several other parties. Over 200 participants from all over the world where present at this conference. Metropolitan Agriculture is an innovative response to the problems within the food system, which takes advantage of the characteristics of metropolitan environments to provide a range of solutions. In order to meet the food demands of metropolitan populations sustainably, actionable and immediate change to the food system is needed. Metropolitan Agriculture is a pragmatic vision for a new, sustainable, agricultural logic, a logic for co-creating new connections between metropolitan areas and agriculture.

During this summit all the matter that was presented and discussed was visually recorded and mindmapped.


The first day was focussed on working together with people from all over the world. During the introduction the scope of the summit was communicated. Several presentations and keynotes were presented to provide participants with needed information and input for the rest of the summit. The livemindmapper made mindmaps of all the information and keynotes presented. During the evening the participants prepared a presentation. The presentations where pitched during the second day. The second day hosted several pitches form the 5 countries.

One of the LiveMindMappers, Alexis van Dam was present both days of the summit. Alexis worked together with a vsiual harvester. That is a person that records information via drawings. This was the first time a Live MindMapper and visual harvester worked togther. The whole summit was splitted in several separete mindmaps. After the summit. All the mindmaps were corrected and enriched with visuals. All of the contents where put together in two seperate day maps of the summit. A third overal mindmap was created. Those mindmaps where transformed into a mindmap website with the use of the aHa!Visual Webexport addin for Mindjet MindManager.


Please visit the full mindmap website production.


Other interesting facts

The content and ideas caputured during the summit are besides the mindmapwebsite also implemented in the summit brochure. Please find have a look at the photo’s of this summit.


Are you interested to have a LiveMindMapper facilitating at a conference, summit or event please contact us.

Photo’s copyright REOS Partners

Project Details

  • Client Reos Partners & Metropolitan Agriculture
  • Date 29 september 2010
  • Tags Events en congressen, International, Keynote Mapping
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