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Future of Marketing – The Jibe Business Lounge 2013

Project Description

‘Future of Marketing’, the first edition of Jibe! Business Lounge, took place on December 3rd, 2013. Connection of Minds was there to facilitate the interaction by ‘LiveMindMapping’ the keynotes and brainstorm sessions.

What is Jibe! Business Lounge?

Jibe! Business Lounge is a network for leading marketing innovation professionals. The goal is to create an environment for learning and networking, a place where marketing professionals can share best practices and brainstorm on marketing strategies and solutions. Overall ambition is to change the way we market in business. At this quarterly event, visitors can discuss trending topics and latest developments with their peers.

About LiveMindMapping

A mind map is a visual representation of keynotes in a structure that allows you to keep an eye on the ‘bigger picture’. The ‘LiveMindMapper’ makes sure all main and subtopics are added to the map, focussing on key words, phrases and context. Usually you start with a word, sentence or question before adding main- and subbranches; added images, video and links can create a rich content experience.

One advantage of a mind map is that it provides a very clear understanding of the contextual coherence. It is also believed that this kind of visual representation is close to how our brain works. Creating this in real time is possible with the help of LiveMindMapping, a technique that captures thoughts and enables interaction. Mind maps are extremely suitable to export in different formats, from PDF, images, linear notes and even fully functional websites with interactive elements – including the discussion.

A unique and effective tool for focussing attention, capturing presentations, brainstorming, Q&A sessions, preserving knowledge, solving problems, opinion sharing etc.

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Project Details

  • Client JIBE! marketing
  • Date 3 december 2013
  • Tags Brainstorms, Keynote Mapping, Open Group Mapping, Superbrainstorm
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